School Board

The mission of the St. Isidore School Board is "to advise and support the Pastor and Administration to promote a quality, caring, Catholic learning environment for the children and Parish community." The St. Isidore School Board acts as an advisory board to the Pastor and Principal. It is not legislative in nature. It gives support, clarifies educational goals, monitors & supports the school's financial & capital planning as well as emergency preparedness.

2018-2019 School Board:

  • Father Gerry Moran - Pastor
  • Maria Ward - Principal
  • Tanc Agius
  • Andy Anderson
  • Michele Anderson
  • Vic de Melo
  • Pat Kratus
  • Joe McLean
  • Paola McNamara
  • Denise Reid
  • Brian Rivera
  • Matthew Semansky
  • Marie Whitis

The School Board Meetings are held at 7:00pm, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, in the Cardelli Conference Room.

Please email the School Board, or fill out our online comment/suggestion form.  Submissions to our online form can be anonymous.